Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A free font by me: Walk Around the Block

Typography is the backbone of graphic arts, and although I have had no formal training in typography, I am fascinated by it. I even have my own font that I created which is free to download on your computer through "Dafont." This is also a favorite website of mine, and a link posted in the favorite website/resources are at the top of the blog. There are thousands of beautiful fonts there, all available for free. In order to make my font, I did not use any special software, which would have resulted in a more professional quality. Nevertheless, I found that I had quite good results by being a little inventive, and a small price. Instead, I used a site, For $9, you can create a font using your very own handwriting using this site. (I even did one with my daughter's handwriting when she was learning to write her letters.) You are able to download a template, and after you create your letters, scan it in and send it back to the site. To make my font, I enlarged the template where I could create nice details, then downsized it again, and sent it. It worked. The font has been available on Dafont for almost two years, and has had over 185,000 downloads. I'm amazed!


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