Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Make Your Own "Annoying Orange" Video in Photoshop

annoying orange pictures
If the original "annoying orange videos" aren't annoying enough, here's a tutorial that shows you how to make your own annoying orange video. All you need is an "extended" version of Photoshop and some video clips of your face and some fruit. If you make your own version of the annoying orange video, send me the link and I will include it on my blog. Enjoy!

Make Your Own Annoying Orange Video in Photoshop from Nicole Dalesio (magrelacanela) on Vimeo.

Here you can download a copy of the tutorial on your iPhone:
Annoying Orange PS Tutorial-iPhone.m4v

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Video Art in Photoshop: Using Filters on Video Clips

Video Art in Photoshop: Adding Photoshop Filters to Video from Nicole Dalesio (magrelacanela) on Vimeo.

Here's a short tutorial on how to edit video clips using Photoshop using Photoshop CS3 Extended. Enjoy! Feedback is welcome. Thanks for watching.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sumo Paint Kaleidescope Sample/Tutorial

Sumo Paint Kaleidescope Sample/Tutorial from Nicole Dalesio (magrelacanela) on Vimeo.

I used a filter in the free online photo-editing program called Sumo Paint. With the click of a button, I could make new Kaleidescopes. I used "ScreenToaster" a free online screencasting service to record what I made.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Export a Flash animation with a transparent background.

Export animations from Flash with transparent backgrounds! I'm sure there are various reasons why you would want to do this, but I have been thinking that it would be useful so I can mix them with my videos. You can also import video into Flash, but there are things that are easier and better to do in Flash, while there are things that are simpler and easier to do in your favorite video editing software. Even if you are using basic software like iMovie, you can layer your Flash animation with a transparent background on top for fun videos that have animation interacting with your video. Here I created a quick animation in Flash. I'm still learning Flash, and still working on my drawing skills, but you can get the idea. I then provide a sample of what you can it might look like if you put it on top of video. The possibilities are endless. Check out the directions at the bottom of the post.