Sunday, February 21, 2010

Photoshop Kaleidoscope Tutorial: Digital Math and Geometry Art

Like many kids, I disliked math, and especially Geometry in high school because I couldn't see how it was relevant to my life. I promised to never use it again, but I was so very wrong. Not only do I love teaching it to my third graders, I am fascinated with the creative possibilities of using Geometry within Photoshop. Remember flips, slides, and turns? If only I had known how beautiful they could be, maybe I would have been a little more motivated.

Enjoy the video tutorial on Vimeo,

Photoshop Kaleidoscope Tutorial (Math/Geometry Art) from Nicole Dalesio (magrelacanela) on Vimeo.

Also feel free to download my support files which are a couple of pictures I took in Pleasanton, California, and in Bananaal, Brazil which are in the description for the video on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Digital Art Tutorials: Google Docs.

Digital Art Tutorials: Google Docs.

Google Docs.

I love Google docs., and even more now that you can upload any type of file. Being that I love video, I often have the problem that I want either a safe place to store my videos (in case of a mishap with my comptuer), or that I want to send someone a video that I made. Videos are too big to send by email, and many file-sharing sites have a file-size limit of 100-200mb. Other sites I have used that are helpful are 4shared or YouSendIt, but I now like Google Docs. even better. Files can be up to 1,000 mb, and you can either make the link public for anyone to share, or you can send it specifically to people you choose. It's also a great way to collaborate on other projects with your colleagues. You just need a gmail account to get started. Check it out.