Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photoshop for Kids: Pattern Blocks

This is a beginning level Photoshop tutorial for kids, but is fun enough for all ages. Taking an old concept/activity that kids are familiar with, these have now become digital pattern blocks. You will learn to make beautiful shapes and designs. There's lots of room for creativity! While learning basic geometry shapes and math skills, you can also learn to use some of the tools and commands that are commonly used in Photoshop. All the animations were done in Photoshop CS5Extended, so see the "Photoshop for Kids: Animation Made Simple" tutorial for information about animating your pattern blocks. The copy-right friendly Photoshop file that accompanies this tutorial is available for download on the Adobe Education Exchange.​pages/​home  where you can share your own resources, or vote for your favorites.  To win big prizes, submit your own resources by October 14th.  

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